August 11: Onto Omaha!

The Great American Deli Schlep
2 min readSep 2, 2021


By: Steve Goode

Edited By: Judi Goode

It was an easy ride to the Omaha deli. When I arrived, I met Rabbi Brian Stoller, my former rabbi at my home synagogue, and two of his synagogue administrators for lunch. It was wonderful catching up with him and finding out all the wonderful things he is doing at his synagogue. We discussed how varied our society is and I shared with him some of the stories from the road. After lunch I jumped on the bike to head to meet another friend of mine, Dale Primer, who was joining me at the next deli in St. Louis and then for the ride back home to Chicago.

Unfortunately, it was another hot humid day on the bike. With 200 miles to go to meet my friend, I was starting to run on empty and just logging the miles to get to the next destination. The terrain was familiar, being in the Midwest, and there was little to distract my focus on just getting to the hotel in Kearney, MO. Dale and I pulled into the hotel parking lot within 10 minutes of one another.

After conducting Covid tests on ourselves, to make sure neither one of us was going to infect the other, we made our way to a wonderful Italian dinner in Kearney. We then went back to the hotel to watch the White Sox pull out a win against NY at The Field of Dreams Stadium in Iowa. It was a storybook ending much like this trip!