August 4th: Freeway to Fargo North Dakota

The Great American Deli Schlep
2 min readAug 13, 2021


By: Steve Goode

Edited By: Judi Goode

Just outside of Missoula Montana. Smoke-filled skies at 9 AM

August 4th — Ride to Fargo, ND stopping in Lewistown, MT

There are no Jewish delis to visit between Seattle and Fargo. I am in the West and it’s a whole different diet out here.

The riding has been beautiful even though I have had to wear a wet bandana around my mouth and nose due to the thick smoke of the forest fires. The smoke permeates the air everywhere and the fires are not even near my location.

In every long-distance road trip, you come across road construction, but out here it becomes an art form. Today I rode for 10+ miles following a “lead car” through gravel. If you don’t like gravel while riding a motorcycle you shouldn’t be out west. The good news though, was at least it wasn’t raining. That would have put a whole different dimension on the ride today.

I still have 688 miles to ride to reach Fargo. Did I mention that if you measure Montana, from the Northwest corner of the state to the Southeast corner of the state, that distance is further than the distance from Chicago to Washington, D.C. It helps to put things into perspective!

Big sky deli in Montana. I just could not go in to eat!