August 8: Cecil’s Deli

The Great American Deli Schlep
2 min readSep 2, 2021


By: Steve Goode

Edited by: Judi Goode

The drive from Fargo to Minneapolis was beautiful and peaceful, winding through beautiful wooded and remote areas of Minnesota. The Sunday morning traffic was light and I cruised into the deli right on time to be greeted by the second and third generation owners. We took pictures and they had arranged for both CBS and NBC to be at the deli for an interview, which ultimately made it on the evening news!!

In addition to the three generations of family members showing up, a huge contingent of Jewish bikers arrived to greet me as well. It became a REAL party atmosphere and since everyone knew each other, they were all talking at once. Becca, who was the “official” greeter on behalf of the deli wouldn’t let me order just one sandwich, she decided I needed to taste everything and brought out three different sandwiches for me to sample. I told her that I had lost 2 pounds on the trip so far and her reply was, “we’re going to have to fix that”.

The Jewish bikers and I had a blast talking motorcycles, trips, etc. and they promised to try to come to Phoenix this winter to ride with the JMA club, The Lost Tribe in Phoenix.

I hated to leave the party but with 240 miles ahead of me to my next destination, Des Moines, Iowa, I needed to leave by 1:30PM and take the fastest route to my friend’s home.