August 9–10: Riding to Maccabbee’s Kosher Deli

The Great American Deli Schlep
2 min readSep 2, 2021


By: Steve Goode

Edited By: Judi Goode

Aug. 9th was a rest day, which I greatly needed. The heat and humidity, along with the stress of trying to keep a tight schedule each day really take its toll on the body and mind. The rest periods that I built into the schedule are a welcome respite.

August 10th was my 67th birthday and I celebrated by going to Maccabee’s Kosher Deli in Des Moines. Rabbi Jacobson told me that they had been operating for 30 years in Des Moines and they are a staple of the Jewish community, providing much needed kosher foods. He and his wife are well known in the area and are on first name basis with all their customers. It is really a very tight knit community.

Rabbi Jacobson told me that last week a customer stopped in from California. He was traveling east but he had heard of The Great American Deli Schlep and wanted to drop by to see what it was all about. I guess you never know where your next customer/friend will come from or why. My wife arranged for a birthday cake for me and it was delicious. A cheesecake covered with blueberries! I can’t think of a better way to turn 67.

I was surprised to discover that Iowa is a beautiful state with rolling hills and beautiful vistas. It was very relaxing to ride through my personal “Field of Dreams” on my way to Omaha.